Biodiversity is a continued hot topic especially in regards to farming. Hopefully those that attended our summer barbeque at Knepp have has a chance to see some of the diversity regenerative farming is bringing back. Knepp is an example of a large-scale regenerative project which understandably wouldn’t fit most farms but there are definitely principles …

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black cow on grass field under sunny sky

New Director

Here at The Livestock Partnership we are delighted to announce that Claire has joined the senior management team as a Clinical Director.  As many of you know Claire is a longstanding member of our team, joining The Livestock Partnership in 2009 . Since then Claire has built a key role for herself with her interests …

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Dung beetles

Last month I got introduced to some of the people behind the website www.dungbeetlesforfarmers.co.uk I was told about the introduction of dung beetles to Australia. Here the native dung beetles were only able to deal with dung of marsupials and not that of livestock which got introduced in the 18880’s. This was one major reason …

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