Anna Gerard

Anna graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in 2015, she worked in mixed practice in Cornwall for a year before deciding small animals were not for her! Since joining the Livestock Partnership, she has enjoyed working on all aspects of farm practice and has a particular interest in infectious disease and health planning. She is currently involved in the BVD stamp it out scheme and the beef discussion group.


Biodiversity is a continued hot topic especially in regards to farming. Hopefully those that attended our summer barbeque at Knepp have has a chance to see some of the diversity regenerative farming is bringing back. Knepp is an example of a large-scale regenerative project which understandably wouldn’t fit most farms but there are definitely principles …

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black cow on grass field under sunny sky

Heat stress

As the climate changes in the UK its worth considering the impact of heat stress on cattle in particular dairy cattle. Heat stress occurs when the environmental temperature humidity index >70; something that currently doesn’t happen very often but potentially could become more of an issue in the next few years.    Heat stress causes a …

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Kexxtone & Dogs

Following on from Claire’s article last month on ketosis in dairy cows and Kexxtone boluses; a reminder that the active ingredient of the Kexxtone boluses, monensin is very toxic to dogs, horses and other equid species. After administration of the bolus a small number of cows may regurgitate it, generally this is either within the …

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