New Director

Here at The Livestock Partnership we are delighted to announce that Claire has joined the senior management team as a Clinical Director. 

As many of you know Claire is a longstanding member of our team, joining The Livestock Partnership in 2009 . Since then Claire has built a key role for herself with her interests in fertility, artificial insemination techniques, young stock health and training and education. 

Claire’s appointment is a testament to The Livestock Partnerships commitment to continuity; Co-Director Ben Brearley says “we know that farmers value consistent service from their vet practice and develop long-standing working relationships with their regular vet. The fact that Claire has been a long-term employee, been asked to become a director and accepted that offer is testament to our commitment to providing that level of service.”

Co-Director Maarten Boers adds “Claire brings a new and fresh view to how we provide a service to our farm clients. Also by sharing the responsibilities of running the practice she enables us all to spend more time looking after your animals!”

Claire adds that above all, she wants to “ensure the values and service that I have been part of delivering continues into the future”.

Here’s to an exciting and healthy 2022!

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