Maarten Boers

Maarten, born and bred in The Netherlands surrounded by dairy cows, graduated from the University of Ghent, Belgium, specialising in ruminant medicine, and has worked in the UK since 2001.

Dung beetles

Last month I got introduced to some of the people behind the website I was told about the introduction of dung beetles to Australia. Here the native dung beetles were only able to deal with dung of marsupials and not that of livestock which got introduced in the 18880’s. This was one major reason …

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Dummy Calves

Recently I watched a webinar on calf survival. One speaker spoke about different techniques used to “treat” dummy calves. Dummy calves are bright, apparently healthy calves but slow to stand and for some reason will not suck or bond with the dam. As these calves will fail to suck people often resort to continued stomach …

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