Bull Testing Review

So the month is here that I analyse the previous year’s bull testing data. In 2020 there were 367 Bull Pre Breeding Soundness Examinations performed in the practice. One third of these were pre-sale while the remaining ones were pre mating and most of these bulls had been tested in previous year(s). Dismissing reasons for over- and under condition, 20% (75) of bulls were deemed unsuitable for breeding or deferred for re-testing. 1 in 5 bulls unfit for breeding does seem a high number but this is in line with figures mentioned in the literature. The table below shows a breakdown of the different reasons for failing the examination.

Although not all the calves are on the ground yet, beef scanning results in the practice have been very good this season. This is despite the heatwave last summer, but I think its effect has been minimal as most cows were already in-calf by that time.

As ⅔ of these bulls had been tested in a previous year it shows that one cannot be complacent and assume that a fertile bull will perform in subsequent seasons. Please don’t get caught out this year and contact us to arrange your bull to be tested.

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