Kexxtone & Dogs

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Following on from Claire’s article last month on ketosis in dairy cows and Kexxtone boluses; a reminder that the active ingredient of the Kexxtone boluses, monensin is very toxic to dogs, horses and other equid species.

After administration of the bolus a small number of cows may regurgitate it, generally this is either within the first hour of administration but can be later. As monensin is toxic to dogs and horses at low doses, if ingested it causes weakness, diarrhoea, seizures, vomiting, heart failure and death. There have been several cases of accidental poisoning of dogs reported over the last few years and unfortunately the majority ended with the dog dying or having to be euthanised due to severity of symptoms.  It is worth being aware of the potential risk to your farm dogs or members of the public who may walk their dogs through cattle areas on the farm and also their safe storage on farm before administration.

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