Beef herd health

With volatility in markets and the potential loss of subsidies it is important now more than ever that beef enterprises are highly efficient. We can help you to improve the profitability of beef enterprises by:-

Improving suckler herd fertility

The important factor influencing gross margins of a beef suckler enterprise is the number of live calves born.

Our input covers:

  • Managing bulling heifers
  • Bull soundness and fertility evaluation
  • Managing cow condition and nutrition
  • Avoiding difficult calvings
  • Maintaining herd health

Implementing infectious disease control measures

Infectious diseases like BVD, Leptospirosis and Campylobacter can have a significant impact on cow fertility, while other pathogens can influence calf health and growth rates. By collecting and analysing appropriate data, together we can make informed decisions about disease control within your herd and monitor improvements.

Maximizing growth rates and minimizing mortality rates

By advising on correct nutrition, disease prevention and parasite control we can help you to get the most out of growing cattle and youngstock.

We provide comprehensive beef health plans and have a dedicated TB tester to perform all necessary TB testing. We do not prescribe packages that we think all farms need, but tailor our services to what your unit requires.

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